Colors trust me
My eyes paint
"Lavagna indelebile" cm. 80x80 tecnica mista e cera d'api su legno. Opera e riproduzione fotografica dell'autore
11 December 2021
10:00 – 18:00
The studio is next to my home

The first light of dawn sends its rays.
In my studio, time is suspended. I turn on the 8 neon lamps.
I observe the nocturnal drawings accumulated on the wooden drawing board. On my father's desk, the mechanical pencil, my smartphone and my notebook occupy the central space. I open the agenda, my writing pierces today's page.
The washed canvases, woods and brushes smell of almond.
I lift and place a square of wood on the black table. I fine-tune it and think: you are my eyes paint and the colors trust me, the hands can invent the gestures of painting. The surface, welcoming the weight of my body and the fury of my painting, imposes its iron law. I breathe slowly, I observe the melting of the colors and I wait for the moment in which, perhaps the painting will appear.
It is almost dark outside.

Giorgio Vicentini
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Via Giovanni Comi,57, 21056, Induno Olona, Varese, Italy