Leonardo Da Vinci
Virtual Reality from Mona Lisa to the Metaverse
11 December 2021
00:00 – 00:00

A surprising new and unprecedented research to discover the art and projects of Leonardo precursors of the modern virtuous reality. Art and science, technique and imagination in Leonardo’s manuscripts: the secrets that made his masterpieces immortal in an unprecedented and new Virtual vision.
What is the real secret of the Mona Lisa? How big was the Last Supper? How many meters was Leonardo’s flying ship wide? What were the tricks to make paintings in the Renaissance? All these questions have to do with both art and Leonardo’s science. Research on optics, geometry and the representation of things made Leonardo immortal. Leonardo wondered how light worked both to create wonderful paintings and to understand and know things in themselves. We will also discover a Leonardo scientist, precursor of modern techniques and technologies that are the basis of virtual reality and our mobile phones. Incredible but true, it was Leonardo who invented virtual reality with his incredible live and enveloping paintings. Where is it possible to see an exhibition that tells us all this and is it possible for the first time to enter Leonardo’s paintings? In the metaverse, in a virtual environment, in the digital place where the future awaits us.

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Via Nerino 5, 20123, Milano, MI, Italy