Fourth solo exhibition of the artist at the gallery
Francesco Simeti, Terrestre, 2021, installation view at Francesca Minini Photo by Andrea Rossetti Courtesy the artist and Francesca Minini
11 December 2021
11:00 – 19:00

Terrestre is a minimal expository elegy for air and water, fundamental elements for the generation of life and the organic survival of the planet – and discussed as such since the presocratic philosophical tradition – but which have become increasingly reduced in quantity and quality. While for the classical economists of the 18th century such as Adam Smith and David Ricardo, the forbears of the contemporary liberalism, water and air could not be assigned a monetary value because they were thought to be of unlimited quantity, Simeti has staged a troubling reflection on the precariousness of the two elements. A sense of spleen comes through in his collages, generated by an observation of sky and water that is only indirect, mediated as it is by fragile photo clippings from newspapers, images perhaps of a collective gaze that has become too myopic to see the clear need to stop the loss and impoverishment of life.
Over the course of his experiences with nonviolent protest in Sicily in the 1950s, Danilo Dolci wrote that the access to primary goods such as water must exclude any form of dominion, and favor instead a creative adaptation between the need to maintain the goods themselves and the human power for action. The dichotomy noted by Dolci between power as a democratic experience of acting together and dominion as an abuse which gives to some the possibility it denies to others, is a theme which seems to offer a possible interpretation of the works displayed in Simeti’s exhibition. (extract from the press release written by Luigi Fassi)

Francesca Minini
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Via Massimiano 25, 20134, Milano, MI, Italy