I dubbi di San Nicola
Video performance
Disegno di Lucio Sartori & c. 1994 alla stazione dei Treni Rovereto (ora rimosso)
11 December 2021
08:00 – 23:59
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The adventure of San Nicolò is a performance of contemporary art that has its roots in the winter ritual that brings Europe together by opening the winter festivities of light that end with the carnival, a festivity of pre-Christian origin that unfortunately today have been trivialized by consumerist rites of "Christmas".

Behind the reassuring facade of the saint hide the ancestral folds and shadows of our ancient relationship with nature and with ourselves, which in this new railway context would take on a dimension of contemporaneity and wonder: the stations are par excellence magical thresholds.

VIDEO - On the occasion of the seventeenth edition of the Contemporary Day, which will take place on the national territory on Saturday 11 December 2021, in Trento the artist Osvaldo Maffei dressed as San Nicolò, together with the faithful Krampus Simon Coppolino and the director Tom Saglia, re-propose the ritual traveling by train. Unfortunately in Rovereto something will go wrong: the saint is seized by doubt and remains motionless on the train in front of the hatch which closes as the train departs southwards.

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