Tra violenza e indifferenza
immagine locandina
11 December 2021
11:00 – 19:00

"Torn apart. Between violence and indifference" was born with the intention of giving space to a hard, harsh, complex theme like that of violence. It is an exhibition that integrates photography and speech. The photographers present in the exhibition are: Alfredo Bosco, Derek Hudson, Karl Mancini, Fabio Polese, Ivo Saglietti, Laura Secci, Chloe Sharrock, Francesca Tosarelli, Roberto Travan, Mattia Velati. Ten photographers, ten reportages, one hundred shots. A collective international photographic exhibition conceived and curated by Tiziana Bonomo of which the journalist Domenico Quirico accompanies the images with his words.

Museo Storico Nazionale d'Artiglieria
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corso Galileo Ferraris, 0 – Torino, 10123, Torino, Torino, Italy