sculptural exchange between ten artists from Seravezza and Hong Kong
artisti Flavia Robalo & Violet Shum - foto Nicolas Bertoux
8 December 2021
11:00 – 13:00

FUSION: a dialogue in the name of sculpture between Seravezza and Hong Kong

The project, curated by Silvia Vannacci (林嘉玉), is organised by two influential cultural institutions: the Arkad Foundation, a centre for the promotion of plastic arts based in Seravezza, Tuscany, and the Hong Kong Visual Arts Centre (vA!), that aims to arouse public interest in artistic creation and the enjoyment of art in Hong Kong. The Municipality of Seravezza and the Italian Cultural Institute of Hong Kong and Macau are partners of the project. The Consulate General of Italy in Hong Kong, the Terre Medicee Foundation, the Provinces of Lucca and Massa Carrara and a long list of other public and private bodies and institutions of the two territories assure their patronage.

"This year’s event is the first of a cycle that we intend to organise to create a relationship with the Italian marble - in particular the white extracted from the quarries of the Apuan Alps - and other materials from all over the world: wood in this edition, but also paper, metal, bamboo”, announce artists Nicolas Bertoux (尼古拉.貝杜) and Cynthia Sah (薩璨如) of the Arkad Foundation.

The sculptors involved in the FUSION project were selected by a panel of artists, curators, architects and operators from the art world. There are five for the Tuscany side - Francesca Bernardini (范察絲嘉‧貝納丹尼), Lorenzo Vignoli (羅倫佐‧韋若利), Flavia Robalo (法比亞‧羅伯洛), Jacob Cartwright (積各‧卡特韋德) and Aurélien Boussin (奧利朗‧布辛) - and as many for the Hong Kong one - Danny Lee Chin Fai (李展輝), Yaman Chau (周圓緣), Ho Yuen Leung (何遠良), Margaret Chu (朱卓慧) and Violet Shum (岑嘉慧). The ten works, five in marble and five in wood, were previewed last Saturday 24 July in the headquarters of the Arkad Foundation in video conference with Hong Kong. The event was an opportunity to meet the protagonists of this original cultural exchange between Italy and China, to preview the works and meet organisers and artists involved.

The exchange will take place in September: each artist will receive the work of a colleague in order to complete it on the basis of a shared artistic project and with their own reference material. The finished sculptures in the two materials will be exhibited simultaneously in December at the Arkad Foundation gallery and at vA!, even the works not physically present in the place of the exhibition will be appreciated thanks to a digital section that will virtually bring them together.

Meanwhile, the organisers are planning a major exhibition - with the ten artworks to be presented together - and a series of artist residencies to be held in 2022, the Italy-China year of culture and tourism.

fondazione ARKAD
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