Antonio Passa Homo faber, towards infinity 2010-2021
A. Passa, Tetraktis. Ritratto a tutto tondo di Pitagora, 2021, tele circolari
11 December 2021
09:30 – 19:00

The exhibition, edited by Maria Giuseppina Di Monte, presents the works that the artist has created in the last decade, continuing in the main line of his research, which has its roots in Analytical Painting, exploring the vast Pythagorean universe on this new occasion. A path along that of Antonio Passa, on which eminent art critics and theorists have written and reflected, first of all Giulio Carlo Argan, as well as Filiberto Menna, to whom the artist has been linked by deep esteem and friendship.
Among the most lucid and shrewd minds Passa adopts his usual sophisticated language, deepening in these new cycles of works, some aspects of his discourse in the direction of revisiting the Pythagorean intuitions linked now to the tetraktýs, now to the pentalphic structure. In this journey between art, science and philosophy Passa meets Pythagoras, philosopher and mathematician, continuing to verify the perceptual mechanisms and to mark the relationship between frame, canvas and color, thinking about their relationships and interactions, as basic constitutive elements of painting. In fact, the artist bases his poetic discourse on them in the Greek sense of the term or that of
poiein, constructive and creative doing.
A journey between "building and knowing" Eupalinos' Paul Valéry or the architect would say, the dialogue between Socrates and Phaedrus centered on the theme of eternity and the search for truth with respect to human creations, be the latter artistic or philosophical. The text, which was published in France a century ago,
in 1921, it appears quite appropriate to illustrate the fulcrum around which the exhibition moves, that is, the artist as a builder and connoisseur.

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