Unique artworks on Arches paper
"Sasha" 2020 76 x 57 cm 100% carta cotone Arches - 300 gr Opera unica ​
11 December 2021
10:00 – 19:30
In order to comply with the COVID legislation, access on appointment by writing an email to or by calling/sending a whatsapp indicating visiting time to: 320-4284030

In 2021 Isabella Accenti is selected among 800 participants for the semifinal of the PREMIO ARTE - Cairo Editore

In 2019, She was selected among “new proposals” during the MIA PHOTO FAIR in Milan and she won ex aequo the 1° Award the Rossana Orlandi.

In the same year, she was nominated among 150 participants for the Eberhard Prize, during the FOTOFEVER fair in Paris, at PARIS PHOTO.

Isabella Accenti specializes in the creation of unique artworks that mix photographic images with fragments of Cubist, Dadaist, futurist and surrealist art. The subjects represented by the artist evoke stories of people, personalities, noble and entrepreneurial dynasties, blending history with art. Her creative journey is a voyage into the memory.

Isabella Accenti works exclusively with carefully selected and prestigious 100% cotton papers, produced sin 1492. A long and detailed technical procedure, performed manually by the artist, makes each artwork a unique and unrepeatable piece of art.


"Timelessart" is the definition and the guiding line of all the artworks of Isabella Accenti where the concept of time is interpreted and expressed in a very personal artistic way.

The rediscovery of the family photographic archive brings back lost memories that the artist tries to bring back to life so as not to forget. Here all the artworks of Isabella Accenti are thus transformed into a journey into memory with the aim of finding a connection between past and present and creating a meeting point, a new time, "suspended" as the artist defines and where the past comes back to life.

Isabella Accenti
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Via Lesmi , 20123, Milano, Milano, Italy