Marilena La Mantia -Clear, fresh and sweet waters - curated by Noemi Pittaluga
11 December 2021 - 11 January 2022 Presentation: Saturday 11 December at 12.00 - 16.00, Via Reggio Emilia,61 - 00198 - Roma. Inaugural brunch at 13.30
Marilena La Mantia - Acque lentiche - olio su tela - 100x100 cm- 2020 -pezzo unico
11 December 2021
12:00 – 16:00
Exhibition 11 December 2021 - 11 January 2022. Free entrance

“Marilena La Mantia's painting is an intimate journey to rediscover oneself. By observing her works, the viewer
perceives the feeling of relief and consolation that one feels in being finally alone and immersed in nature.
Projected in a parallel dimension, consisting mainly of aquatic and bucolic landscapes, the user can relax and
focus on her thoughts. If outside the perimeter of the canvas the deafening chaos of problems assails us
on a daily basis, among the artist's colored brushstrokes instead you have the opportunity to find a moment of peace too
through the less frequent urban images of Gasometers, North African cities and rural roads. Every trace of pigment is
a gesture that sweeps away the weight of distressing reflection, intellectual efforts and sentimental sufferings. Hermitage
and a pleasant place, the landscape designed by Marilena La Mantia is the representation of an interior Arcadia where the other is
totally absent. An exclusively private place, seen in subjective, it manifests itself in different formats and is depicted on
heterogeneous supports (canvas, paper, wooden or MDF boards, jute, plexiglass) and with multiple techniques (oil, acrylic,
watercolor). Portrait en plein air or far from the source of inspiration, its composition often reveals itself as the fruit
of the artist's imagination who, alongside real elements, inserts those imagined, creating a new and personal space. The
bright colors - mainly blue, green, red and orange - of marine visions, still waters and rural subjects
invite the observer to fantasize about the sounds of nature portrayed. The rustle of the leaves in If I look up, the noise of the
ebb of the waves in Marittima, the song of the birds of Acque lentiche or the Garden of the lake are some traces
acoustics that are the soundtrack to these images. Catapulted into the slow and monotonous rhythm of a chant or of
a natural and soothing lullaby, the observer has the opportunity to free himself from responsibilities and take refuge for a
moment in a metaphorical womb, capable of recreating a dimension of serenity. And it is the small jobs
with a reduced and square shape to perform the function of small closed horti; Mediterranean atmospheres, where contrasts
in the image they are reduced by a "soft focus" effect (stylistic code of the author), they show the public a puzzle of
visions, thoughts, points of view in which it is possible to reflect. The eye to better grasp the elements designed and for
getting confused between the brushstrokes needs to get closer to the work in order to be able to grasp its characteristics and, ultimately, for
fall into it and experience a moment of tranquility among the clear, fresh and sweet waters. " (Noemi Pittaluga)
Following the theme of the performative, the "fil rouge" of this edition, the visitor will be equipped with a lens magnification to connect with the works on display.

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VIA REGGIO EMILIA, 61, 00198, Roma, RM, Italy