Franco Tosi: Insight/Inside
Four years after Franco Tosi latest exhibition in Turin, metroquadro presents two exhibitions for the artist from Bologna.
Franco Tosi: Circular field, 2020, oil on dibond, courtesy of metroquadro and the artist
11 December 2021
16:00 – 20:00

Four years after Franco Tosi's last solo show in Turin, metroquadro presents two exhibitions by the Bolognese artist:
"Insight", at the gallery premises and "Inside" at the NH Hotel Porta Palatina.

The two exhibitions collect the artist's recent pictorial works, who with these words describes:
Introspection and interiority are the leitmotiv of this exhibition. A different way of looking inside where the romanticism of the landscapes, with scratched and soft backgrounds, in turn become the fluidifying agent in which clusters of cells are born and multiply. The romantic part leaves room for reason, subjective and objective meet in a game of roles where nothing is more defined.
Opposing feelings share the same canvas as a warning to the soul, in the evanescence of life.

Light and dark, lights and shadows contrast and dialogue, in abstract form, like "landscapes" of the interior.
An introspective, profound analysis, where sensations and colors mirror the weaknesses of the ego, in a continuous search for oneself and the fear, perhaps, of finding oneself.

6.11-18.12 2021
inauguration Saturday 6.11 hours: 11 - 23
square meter
Corso San Maurizio 73 / F
10124 Turin

4.11 2021 - 9.1.2022
NH HOTEL Turin Santo Stefano
Via Porta Palatina, 19, 10122, Turin
tel 011 522 3311

Franco Tosi (1962, Magenta) graduated from the IASA Institute - "Institute for Auxiliary Health Arts" in Bologna. He lives and works in Bologna.
His work is inspired by the biological universe, a research on the relationships between different organic forms by investigating the mystery of existence. A pictorial technique that is affected by environmental changes in its execution rhythms, where cells and filaments materialize on fluid internal landscapes giving us the perception of our being. The images dissolve gradually losing all recognition to become an introspective vision of ourselves. Abstraction and ambiguity, as a dreamlike representation of a real state in which man is still the protagonist.

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Corso San Maurizio 73/F, 10124, Torino, TO, Italy