Antonio Nocera
The poetics of color
Locandina mostra
11 December 2021
16:00 – 21:00
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On Saturday 6 November at the Spazio Amira in Nola (via San Felice n. 16) fifty-two engravings made since 1981 by "IL LABORATORIO" in Nola by the artist Antonio Napolitano (Nola 1936 - Pesaro 2020) will be on display.

Pupil of the School of Painting directed by Emilio Notte subsequently enrolled at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples, he interrupted his studies to undertake the teaching activity that brought him to Sicily where his painting, after the first figurative experiences, was strongly influenced by the strength of the sunlight that associated with the Cubist experience will end up characterizing his future activity. He had the opportunity to distinguish himself between '60 and '61 with the work Cristo morta which earned him the Banco di Napoli Prize in 1961. He returned to Nola in 1970 and while participating in exhibitions and events (including "Naples situation '75 ", curated by Enrico Crispolti and Gerardo Pedicini) carries out most of his work within the school leaving teaching in 1983, dedicating himself to painting and deepening the chalcographic practice thanks to the fruitful attendance of" IL LABORATORIO "chalcographic by Vittorio Avella and Tonino Sgambati in Nola, who will bring his work to be known also abroad. Through progressive research, the "landscape" phenomenon is taken internally until it flows towards the object
through a skilful s / composition reconstructed with a play of planes that the color violates in expansions, like a threshold that initiates the journey towards the essence of form.

Amira Aps
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Via San Felice 16, 80035, Nola, Napoli, Italy