Alessio Guano
11 December 2021
10:00 – 00:00
Exhibition will be open on Dec 1st, 2021

atelier97 contemporary art is pleased to present the new exhibition of the Italian visual artist Alessio Guano (1984).

TOLD / UNTOLD is an artistic project that brings together a collection of works - mostly unpublished mixed techniques collages and pictorial interventions on photography or advertising images - made by the artist during the year 2021.

Alongside the series of postcard-sized works, collected in a large wall installation,
artist's books appear in the virtual art space with self-made objects and strips that collect words or phrases used by the author for his personal artistic research.

<< TOLD / UNTOLD is a self-built contemplative space that investigates the contemporary, sheds light on personal and collective themes, a space that plays with words and images. What interests me most are the processes of choice, selection, construction and deconstruction of images, usual and unusual expressions. My work is organized in meticulous consecutive phases, but there are no rules in this game. The main aim is to find a balance in the chaos, a meaning in the senseless juxtaposition of images and terms. >>

Visitors to the exhibition, will be invited to participate by leaving their own comment, a word or a phrase, which will become a new point of start for the artist's thoughts.

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