Melani | Nuvolo - Between art and science
Two authentic outsiders of painting for the first time compared in an exhibition for their originality in the field of scientific research.
Nuvolo, Senza Titolo, Genesi, 1992. ©Archivio Nuvolo
11 December 2021
15:00 – 19:30

On the occasion of the resumption of exhibition activities, on Saturday 13 November at 17:30 in the new rooms of CAMUSAC there will be a retrospective exhibition of selected works by the artists Fernando Melani (1907 1985) and Nuvolo (Giorgio Ascani, 1926 2008) by Bruno Corà.
The two artists, authentic outsiders of painting, now known and historicized for the originality of their largely experimental experiences, but for the first time compared on the basis of their respective research on certain paths of the cognitive activity of art, they meet in this exhibition on the basis of their interests in modern science, also boasting their frequentation reciprocal on the occasion of the exhibitions organized by the gallery of Fiamma Vigo starting from 1955.
There are therefore numerous and interesting reasons for this comparison between works which, in different ways, albeit indirectly, have given an image to the research of quantum physics, to post-Euclidean geometries, to the progress of technological research and communication.
The exhibition offers eloquent and little-known examples of the complexity of the work of the two artists, already present in the exhibitions of the Numero gallery in Florence together with Afro, Balla, Cagli, Capogrossi, Dorazio, Magnelli, Munari, Nigro, Perilli, Picabia and others.
The exhibition “Melani Nuvolo Between art and science" inaugurates the new exhibition spaces of CaMusAC, a 700 m2 room obtained from the former industrial buildings of the Longo family, exclusively dedicated to temporary exhibitions. A space that confirms the vocation for research, which has always been characteristic and characterizing for the CaMusAC foundation in the field of contemporary art, which joins the conservation and exhibition of an already rich collection, which will be rearranged on that occasion in the existing spaces of the museum.
The exhibition also inaugurates a new operating mode of the museum, which sees it increasingly involved and collaborative with the most important local cultural institutions: a work by Melani and a work by Nuvolo will be respectively set up in the spaces of the Montecassino Abbey Museum. .

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