The Masgalano suspended
One year ago the Masgalano by Chiara Tambani
Chiara Tambani
11 December 2021
09:00 – 18:00
Esposizione digitale sito internet museo Santa Maria della Scala Siena

For an artist, a work of art is like a love story and therefore to understand it and
appreciate it must be observed, studied and absorbed all the details they have
led to its realization. Gestures and symbols invisible to the distracted gaze
it stops at the substance alone. Looking closely below, there is something that transpires and that Chiara with these images he tries, in a measured but intense way, to reveal. It is difficult for a sculptor, who in himself is used to expressing himself with three-dimensional reality, like this different in every facet, manifesting itself with an opposite dialectic.

Santa Maria della Scala
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Piazza del Duomo 1, 53100, Siena, Siena, Italy