Todd Norsten | We are someone else
Todd Norsten, We Are Someone Else, 2021, studio dell'artista
11 December 2021
12:00 – 18:00

Schiavo Zoppelli Gallery is pleased to present We are Someone Else, the new solo show of American painter Todd Norsten (1967, Minneapolis, USA) at the gallery.
Norsten finds meaning, humour and beauty in the everyday. Observing and appropriating text and images from street signs, billboards, graffiti and objects he encounters in the rural prairies of Minnesota or the urban underbrush of New York, ranging from the apocalyptic to the celebratory, the poignant to the obtuse, the artist tells us about hidden communities and worlds. In the age of social media, these naïve and quaint, unkempt and handmade signs seem to belong to a bygone era but retain their authenticity. The physical qualities of the signs he works on are as important to the artist as the messages themselves. He meticulously reproduces simple characters, irregular spacing and alignment of letters, glossy or matt surfaces, layering printing inks for texture, stenciling and collage. He creates superbly realised versions of these, but without the urgency of the originals, given by the human need to communicate, to leave a mark and create a universal, direct and popular meaning. In this exercise Norsten highlights humanity's vital need for expression and connection while revealing the instability, paradoxes and contaminations hidden in the signs and images he produces. He delves deeply into the realm of the visual language of signs bringing it, with irony and disenchantment, into a new context (painting) to persuade us of the unreality of the whole world and the vagaries of the imagination.

"I wanted to make things that were direct and no bullshit. I want the work to be as directly about being human and without the artificiality of artfulness that can often get in the way. If there is a subject of my work it is the need for humans to communicate, whether it’s through the stuff we call art, graffiti, bumper stickers, billboards T shirts or any form of human expression."

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