Personal Exhibition Fausto Merlin
Anthological exhibition by Fausto Merlin
Per gentili concessione di Fausto Merlin
11 December 2021
17:00 – 20:00
From Tuesday to Saturday from 11 to 13 and from 15 to 18 - Thursday 23 December closing at 13

Born in 1950, Fausto Merlin was born in Boara Polesine (Rovigo) on 20 April.
His childhood spent among fields, meadows, poplars and the nearby river Adige, in a quiet family and, as often happens in those years, with few resources. It is a world marked by the slow and powerful rhythms of nature, by the passing of the seasons, the sun and the moon. Fausto is a smart child, there is no money in the family and he builds the toys himself - bows, swords, slingshots and even the first carved heads of the nativity characters - immediately showing an extraordinary ability and character that made him the man and artist of today: Fausto is someone who does not give up and, on the contrary, loves challenges, they are the spice of life!
At 21 he moved to Bologna, the Petronian spirit was particularly congenial to him. It is not just a biographical note, his incredible dexterity, that "know-how" with an ancient flavor, finds an unexpected outlet in artistic creation. At first in the sculpture: spiders, dragons, butterflies, snakes emerge as if by spell from roots, barks, trunks: in everything that lies inert and shapeless in the wood, forgotten and "useless", Fausto already sees a hidden form that must only be " revealed ”, everything comes back to life and meaning in his vivid imagination. Then a “fortuitous” and fundamental encounter, the one with the pyrograph, the incandescent tip that engraves the wood with fire. Self-taught in all respects Fausto experiments with this technique, studies and begins to create the first "portraits" of 4-legged friends: it is the love for animals, for that nature that, like an old friend, follows him everywhere, to which he he is almost as devoted as a mother and who every time does not fail to amaze him, fascinate him, excite him. Then follow the "human" portraits, politicians, friends, historical figures and famous paintings: the technique is increasingly refined, the chiaroscuro is powerful, the figures emerge from the wood almost in the round, and some masterpieces arrive such as A look on the porch , exhibited in 2016, a tribute to his adopted city. Color entered his artistic life 5 years ago. A new challenge, a new testing ground for one's abilities: in short, paintings with a quick, rapid and full-bodied brushstroke are born, pure color that emerges from the dark like the still lifes of 2016, and mixed technique paintings, where the "sculpted" material ”From the pyrograph it joins the fluid material of acrylic first, then oil, in a splendid explosion of colors: the Guardian, the Tree and above all the small lake of the weeping willows of Sigurtà. In my opinion, the whole soul of Fausto resides in these masterpieces: the predilection for landscape painting and the suspended enchantment of a moment to be immortalized linked to the many trips to exotic countries.
Ilaria Francia

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