Free Imprinted Words
Underpressure engraved scriptures
Calogero Barba, "Cervello", 2020. Per gentile concessione dell'artista
11 December 2021
18:30 – 20:00

Free Imprinted Words

In the time of liquidity and bla bla bla, of social media spread everywhere, everything is communication, the word continuously loses its strong semantic meaning. In the anthropological recovery of writing, Calogero Barba, aware of the evocative value of creative writing, arranges his evocative relationship with the visual impressions of the letters "under pressure" from which the rhythms of the form arise to go beyond the mark imprinted on the white of the paper. Thus the free writing imprinted on the paper interacts with the size of the sheet format, highlighting the relationship with the space, the sign and the fragile material of the paper.
The free writings imprinted, far from the grammatical structures and the order of linear discourse, are arranged on the plane and impressed by the chalcographic press taking on the value of a visual pause of the gaze that does not reveal the silence of the story itself.
The writings of Calogero Barba on display at the Danisinni Social Museum play on the geometric field of the white sheet with soft tonal values given by the incidence of light that rests on the light, almost imperceptible reliefs and on the dry negative of the recess created by the letters impressed by the chalcographic rollers. Paths of free words that sink into the material of the soft paper through a penetration, a flow between relief and depth to become a visible sign of a new visual-verbal aesthetic quotient.

Museo Sociale Danisinni
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