Performing habits
A journey across artistic practice on a spatial and perceptive level
Lorenzo Barbieri Hermitte, Snake Wave, 2020
11 December 2021
12:00 – 22:00

Performing habits
Amaci 17th Contemporary Day 2021
11 december 2021
Soperga20 - Artist's Studies

Rossella Barbante, Lorenzo Barbieri Hermitte, Ivad Bassil, Lucrezia Costa, Ivan Gervasoni, Giulia Moretti, Rachele Turini,

Soperga20 is an open system, a place to encounter and exchange different paths, full of new branches with all possibilities, a tape of Moebius, in which anyone can go towards new directions. Soperga20 welcomes artists who are always on the move with extreme freedom, going through the different ramifications of contemporary art, continuously evolving and experimenting. Artists with different practices and themes, who start from a common point and share the physical spaces in which their works come to life, as well as distinguishing themselves for their sensitivity and approaches.
Ivan, after a long period of experimentation with abstract painting, characterized by a deep and meticulous knowledge of materials and color, presents himself as a forerunner of the studio with the ability of weaving winning relationships. A particular attention to the human figure and the use of natural materials purged of chemistry characterizes the paintings of Rachele, new entry of the studio. In the entrance space, in addition to the work of Ivan and Rachele, are the images of Lorenzo, a talented photographer who has been working with artists for some time.
In the mezzanine space we find Ivad, Giulia and Rossella who work with the medium of painting and deal respectively with issues related to new imagery, the body in relation to space and the Anthropocene. Ivad's research delves into the world of wonder and new visions starting from the post-pandemic period, Rossella's instead focuses on the the artificially sublime and expresses itself in visual works inspired by anthropogenic places, with a unique resin finish. Delicate traits that create supple figures are the main feature of Giulia's artistic practice, which is particularly attentive to the forms of the female body and to the overlapping boundaries of the bodies themselves.
Finally, on the lower floor we find Lucrezia's video-performance work which explores the scope and emotional issues related to Western and European education and is interested in the concept of "discomfort", a self-provoked feeling that generates perceptive and emotional attention in her practice.

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via soperga 20, 20127, milano, milano, Italy