Dialogue between the two artists Simona Uberto and Silvia Perramon Rubbio
Simonas Uberto, LUCE, 2020.
11 December 2021
10:00 – 19:00

We are pleased to present at Gli eroici furori a plural dialogue between artists of different generations and languages ​​that express themselves giving life to small "Spaces", intended as open spaces, to the possibilities where things happen, languages ​​that express themselves and evolve through the relationship with others. Small spots of light and shadows that chase each other indissolubly ....

The Spot exhibition presents the work of Simona Uberto, an Italian artist and teacher of painting in Brera,
and Silvia Perramon Rubbio, a young Spanish artist and architect.
The different works proposed live and interact freely in the artistic terrain of the possibilities between: painting, photography, collage, embroidery, generating spontaneous aggregations of meanings.

Simona Uberto
It models the landscape, inverting its perspective values: it dissects it, fragments it, and then reassembles it in a new vision on different levels, recreating an image born from the vision of reality, but which has become fantastic. An imaginary and surprising landscape where not everything returns and the gaze can only bounce. Simona works on personal and territorial boundaries, on everyday life, on perceptive disorientation, as in the latest works in the exhibition entitled “Dismissals”, a series of collages of surreal landscapes between two and three dimensions.
Uberto focuses on the here and now, on the possible and the invisible, between the real and the imaginary.

Silvia Perramon Rubbio
He works with embroidery in 2D and 3D observing and investigating society through portraits of famous people, tracing point by point. It patiently searches for the deepest existential meaning. The sculpture of the "HEART" presented in the exhibition, so dear to Silvia, is a symbol of humanity and goodness even behind the coldest and most hostile "facades": the artist thus attempts an approach to that intimate world usually hidden under bright embroidery patiently sewn from his hardworking hands.

Admissions to the exhibition will be limited in compliance with safety regulations.

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