Here 2021
The image is what the past comes into converge with the present in a constellation.
renata petti
11 December 2021
11:00 – 20:00

The image is what the past comes into converge with the present in a constellation. While the relationship of the then with the hour is purely temporal (continued), the relation of the past with present is dialectic, in jumps (W. Benjamin, GW I, p. 1229)

Renata Petti
Here 2021
site-specific installation
The installation Here we propose an installation made in August 2021 at Palazzo d'Avalos in Terra Murata, Procida (NA). It stages a large kolàa (about 400 x 300 cm) made up of about 300 photographic shots, some of which are blurred long exposure self-portraits taken in this pandemic period that document the absence of the body, almost an intimate and daily diary and a sound installation Sounds imprisoned. Ghosts intermediate condition between life and death, suspended, unresolved, with its games of absences, escapes, alter egos, evanescences that dialogue with the traces and fragments of the Palazzo d'Avalos in Terra Murata built in the 16th century and which in 1830 was used to prison, counter-archive and human memory for dormitories with cots, discarded clothes, objects of the productions that the prisoners made, spools of thread, shoes, sewing machines, documents and registers. All these "waste" in this physical place take on a new dignity and make us immerse in a materiality of reality where every waste is full of the real experience of the prisoners. The sound installation Imprisoned sounds to be activated with a QR.code re-proposes the sounds of a living, faded, forgotten place recalled to memory as if they were people or fabrics that have lost their original colors.

Renata Petti
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Via Salvator Rosa 270, 80135, Napoli, NA, Italy