Galleria MAG
11 December 2021
11:30 – 12:30

On the occasion of the 17th day of the contemporary promoted by AMACI - ASSOCIATION OF ITALIAN CONTEMPORARY ART MUSEUMS, with the organization of the Studio Art Project by Elena Lombardi and Galleria MAG they present a performative event in interaction between art, music and literature with the involvement of the public in presence.
"Awakening of a city" is the title of a musical work written for Intonarumori by Luigi Rus - only in 1914 and performed for the first time on 21 April of that year at the Teatro del Verme in Milan. A title that is still current today: in the difficulties to which we are all subjected, an awakening, a call to the arts to create together, seems significant to us.
Marco Nereo Rotelli, will draw the declaimed words on canvas, creating spatial rhythms; the journalist and writer Leonardo Merlini with a series of streams of consciousness, will offer us a literary performance through free words taken from one of his autobiographical stories; while Salvatore Marsiglione, director of the Luigi Russolo Archive, will play the Futurist Intonarumori machines, creating sounds in freedom.

Studio Art Project di marco Nereo Rotelli
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Via Marco Fabio Quintiliano, 24/A, 20138, Milano, Lombardia, Italy