Punti di Vista - Arte e colori dal mondo
Mostra collettiva alla Galleria Gard di Roma
Sonia Mazzoli
11 December 2021
17:00 – 20:00

Contemporary art collective that will host different artistic languages "painting, photography, sculpture and installations"; through different executive techniques that will allow the exponent artists to express themselves with maximum freedom, giving vent to their most creative flair. Each artist, through his own creative vision, is able to express and transmit his own point of view that arouses in the observer an approach with the work, different from individual to individual. At the same time, each spectator or visitor walking through the exhibition space will be able to see all the works and freely interpret them from their own point of view, each drawing their own individual emotions.

Associazione Soqquadro
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via dei Conciatori 3/i, 00100, Roma, Roma, Italy