Lothar Baumgarten
Galleria Franco Noero is pleased to present the second solo exhibition of works by Lothar Baumgarten (1944– 2018).
Sebastiano Pellion di Persano / Courtesy the artist and Galleria Franco Noero
11 December 2021
15:00 – 19:00

The artist himself conceived this project before his untimely passing, with a selection of works that span his entire career. It covers all his various periods, illustrating the continuity of his ideas with regard to the visual and conceptual issues that interested him throughout his life.

The notions and intuitions of the initial period of his artistic career came about and acquired concrete form as they mixed in with his personal experiences, and with his desire to enter into a world far removed from us in both time and space. This became reality in the second half of the 1970s, when he lived with the Yanomami people in the remotest part of the high Orinoco, on the border between Brazil and Venezuela.

Three important sculptures dominate the interconnected spaces of the Gallery: Caimán, Nariz Blanca (1989- 2010), [Arché]_(Ark) (1969-2016) and Ascheregen (2017), and a careful selection of photographic works and mural paintings appear on the walls, entering into an empathic and timeless relationship with the sculptural works.

Baumgarten’s entire opus acts at different levels and is expressed with the most diverse means. It self- generated from the time when he initially began to observe and approach the world around him, looking at nature and space and the changes that that were gradually being brought about in them by the lens both of the camera, and of the cinecamera. The images he created were a recording of the real world around him and of the colours it acquired – including black and white, and the range of greys of the real world as rendered by the photo – but they were also the images that he himself imagined with allusions that contained a touch of exoticism, making reference to an elsewhere.

The world around us, which Baumgarten observes, is also one of human beings and animals, through the evocation of a wild and primitive universe, at the dawn of myth, bringing together the spirit of the explorer and that of the anthropologist and of the ethnologist. And this is combined with the language and the letters of the alphabet that express this world and that represent our knowledge, superimposing themselves upon and conflicting with a primordial spirit that is its very opposite, for it is in a language it does not know. A process similar to that of etymological research often comes about, starting with the word and delving into its origin.

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