Solo exhibition of Clara Luiselli. Sound interventions by Giuseppe Jos Olivini
© Clara Luiselli, Clonazioni, 2021
11 December 2021
14:30 – 19:00
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The exhibition INNER SPACE by Clara Luiselli is an encounter between natural elements and light, sometimes revealed by transparencies, others by the glare of gold or even by light sources.
INNER SPACE is accompanied by sound interventions by Giuseppe Jos Olivini.
This exhibition ideally unites the two souls of the space in which it is hosted, Nellimya Arthouse, that for years – precisely since 2005 – has been working to raise awareness Light art and the artists who have chosen it as an expressive medium and, since 2020, it has been the headquarters of the Aranno LandArt a cultural association which, as the name suggests, promotes the art of nature, in nature.

On display the series "Cloning" artworks consisting of transparent resin fruits containing a seed. Each fruit is an exact copy of a real fruit, the seed of which has been removed and inserted into the resin sculpture. The transparent material highlights the organic core, giving life to a hybrid, where nature and artifice dialogue, enhancing each other. "
The series "Into the two" is then exhibited: minute sculptural experiments originate from forms encountered in nature, fossil memories of a time that flows incessantly and transforms what it encounters. Mineral, vegetable and bone finds, collected in solitary journeys, become the matrix around which to reflect on the relationship between nature and artifice. The attempt is to find a stringent relationship between the original form in connection with its double.
An exploration that moves from physical and tangible matter in the direction of another space, beyond. Towards an intimate, interior place, which is revealed through minimal signs that register its existence. There, where the nucleus resides, the pulsating and vital part of the work resides.

The sound interventions of INNER SPACE – by Giuseppe Jos Olivini – complete the experience. A piece will be the soundtrack for the entire exhibition, "Inner Sound", lasting 33 minutes and created by processing acoustic piano sounds and sounds from the works of Clara Luiselli.

For the occasion, Luiselli and Olivini will create the work "I'm Here", a large-scale installation on stone for the Aranno LandArt association during the artist's residency.

Nellimya Arthouse
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via Ur Stradon 11, 6994, Aranno, Cantone Ticino, Switzerland