Lecture "The construction of the citizen"
by Arch. Gianluca Peluffo (Peluffo&Partners Architettura)
Università Bilkent
8 December 2021
12:30 – 14:30
Bilkent University FADA Ground Floor FFB22

The "construction of the citizen" is the spatial and spiritual mechanism that endorses the architectural discourse of Peluffo and Partners Architettura. Similarly to the classical Theater, the designed building is the physical and spiritual place where the individual and the community meet, thanks to a shared language. Architect and Professor Gianluca Peluffo will meet students of Bilkent University and the public of Ankara to discuss the new contemporary languages of Italian architecture, also in connection to the close relationship between cities, communities and landscapes.

Università Bilkent di Ankara
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Üniversiteler, 1597. Cd. NO. 3, Ankara, 06800 , Ankara, Ankara, Turkey