LenzuoliSOSpesi in the Garden
The choral project conceived by Silvia Capiluppi awaits you to embroider your name together with the Red Thread and to carry the Message of Love
Ph: Francesca Garuffio 23 ottobre 2021 per LenzuoliSOSpesi 13a Florence Biennale - 2021 “ETERNAL FEMININE | ETERNAL CHANGE”
11 December 2021
10:00 – 13:00
live Facebook will be provided from the page of Pacifier - Mass Evasion Practices:

Saturday 11 December 2021, on the occasion of the 17th Contemporary Day promoted by AMACI, the exhibition of LenzuoliSOSpesi will be held from 10 to 13 in the Garden of via Lattanzio, 9 in Milan, where it will also be possible to embroider your name with the red thread on the 110th LenzuoloSOSpeso entitled "Beyond the limits ...", started by Silvia Capiluppi on 23 October, during the performative action for the inauguration of the
13th Florence Biennale - 2021
edited by Fortunato D'Amico.

The 110th LenzuoloSOSpeso will remain available to be recalled at the concierge in via Lattanzio, 9

On the morning of Saturday, December 11, live Facebook will be provided from the page of Pacifier - Mass Evasion Practices:

Link photo album 110th SUSPENSION sheet "Beyond the limits ...":


The LenzuoliSOSpesi project, born in 2018 from a dream of Silvia Capiluppi is relational art, woven with the Red Thread,

To date, there are 116 sheets embroidered in Italy and abroad by thousands of people, who write their names to carry the message of love.

The LenzuoliSOSpesi are metropolitan tapestries, in a new form of graffiti with needle and thread; they are sails, magical cloaks, lung-ta, caskets of loving souls to protect Women, Nature and the Soul.

Take care of them while they take care of us.

Silvia Capiluppi - LenzuoliSOSpesi
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Via Lattanzio 9, 20137, Milano , MI, Italy