ARTUNDERCLOTHES Setting up the scene to reconstruct the absence of art. Thus, and in a fractal time, we anticipate instead of going back to where we came from.
Visual Daniela Zannetti, , Nuditudine Barbara Cappello
11 December 2021
11: – 23:
Artunderclothes display and αὐτοψία 'autopsy' VideoDanza by Rossana Abritta (h: 11, h: 17):

December 11, 2021 TABLEAU onLine
Exhibition of the artists and αὐτοψία 'autopsy' VideoDanza by Rossana Abritta
Hours: 11, Hours: 17
Thus, and in a fractal time, we anticipate instead of going back to where we came from.

When ArtUnderClothes was started there was recently a precedent in the OperaDomus art exhibition (2020), or the "Artist's Fetishes" presentations as the key to access the comfort zone in which no time opens up. and the creation of the work.
The virtual projection of the author in his absence and a question: “Where does the art and the artist reside at this point”. To answer, a time jump was made to 19.01.1981 when Francesca Woodman, tormented self-portrait artist takes her own life at just under 23, and remains with her unique and exceptional photographic production - Some Disordered Interior Geometries, forever Essence. What intangible researches were consumed in its rooms?
Of her, and again in the forty-year anniversary of her disappearance, one can grasp her method of consulting the idea and showing entirely a creative process, continuous and infinite.

A motionless dance (to say it to Manuel Scorza), a 'fractal time' where while trying to grasp the infinite, one wanders into the indefinite; or rather in the infinitesimal, in a spiral of seconds continuously halved but always perceived as integers.
Considering actuality as the possibility of observing the inside of an entire process which is the past by definition, while it continually flows forward but for half its time, and necessarily produces an anticipation of instead of. This is because in fact the creative act is always the same, and the artist can investigate it with the same principle of prediction.

A year earlier, in 1980, two important bibles on the history of female art: The obstacle race "by Germaine Greer and" The other half of the avant-garde "by Lea Vergine crossed the sea of ​​publications.

In relation to it, it is easy to imagine the generating urgency of the 'Art under Clothes' project which attempts to reveal her body. From the prohibition of access to the History of Art (of female talent) to the pandemic 'No'; more generally, the banality of evil (and the biases of the forecast algorithms); therefore, how to contrast, with the art method, and rearrange a mother scene after a series of sharing between artists connected from different places. And unearth the collective body of art, and that essential quid that is freeing art with one's own drives and a strong aggregative, idealistic component.

Art Underclothes was investigated by the world of Performing art, Dance and Visual Arts; the artists involved have developed research on the theme proposed in the equation of art which necessarily presents unknowns.
With Carlo Marchetti, Rossana Abritta, Giuliana Colbachini, Barbara Cappello, Cecilia De Paolis, Paola Valori, Simonetta Domiziani, Paolo Romani.Special guests: 'Embodying Tiamat' with Ekaterina Pugach, Ugo Lo Pinto, Simone Pezzè, Marina Funghi.

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