On the Contemporary —in the Garden
Books-works by Ian Hamilton Finlay, books and drawings by Antonio Freiles, photographs and objects by Anna Guillot.
Gianni Latino graphic designer, courtesy On the Contemporary
11 December 2021
17:00 – 22:00

The project consists of Ian Hamilton Finlay's work-books, a corpus of rare editions with which the artist establishes a unique understanding with Antonio Freiles, author of as many books and drawings. Anna Guillot leads the threads of a three-way dialogue with writings and works on the theme of genealogy.
Knowing Ian Hamilton Finlay (Nassau, 1925 – Edinburgh 2006), artist, poet and landscape architect, also means having understood how the word can be configured into an image. The experience with the Swiss group of concrete poetry has given Finlay's work a minimal essentiality while at the same time producing the need for an approach to some sources of classical art and culture. The speculative oscillation between nature and culture, the reflection on the role of man in history, the generation from the dissolving of nature into culture are the instances that led the artist to develop the idea of ​​working by grafting sculptural pieces with epigraphs into the green. , to establish in the 60s in Dunsyre “Little Sparta”, the garden that would have earned him the nickname of 'artist-gardener'.
Proposing the editions of Finlay, within the framework of a lasting and coherent project such as that of On the Contemporary —in the Garden, opens up a return of attention that leads us to reflect on the abandonment to which the garden of Palazzo Mazzone has been subjected. Alessi in Caltanissetta where the space is located, a garden that serves as a metaphor for every place neglected after a long experience of care and attention. Unconventional care could result in a revival of this urban green.
Finlay's books, the artist's minimalism, his examination dedicated to nature and expressed through word and drawing establish intrinsic links with the research that Guillot develops through words, photography and objects and with books and the not sufficiently attentive corpus of drawings from the 1960s / 70s by Antonio Freiles (Messina 1943-2021), a production that, over the course of the artist's career, constituted the germinal lymph of what he then produced. In the case of Freiles it is a question of recovering an undervalued and partly unpublished segment - recovery and attention suggested by Guillot who clarifies its meaning and motivation with a text in the catalog. Recovery and attention that in the "In Dialogue" project Guillot herself also addresses to herself through a cycle of photographs, writings and objects called "Dislocation" which, following the concept of genealogy understood as personal humus and family tree, concerns her own origins, personal experience, biography intended as a metaphor, the story of many, displacement and diaspora.

On the Contemporary —in the Garden
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Via Cavour, 29, 95100, Caltanissetta, CL, Italy