International event that, in this new edition, will be exhibited in the new Museum of Contemporary Art "MUG2" in the city of Massa
Silvia Fossati, serie "libro d'Artista" 2022 - disponibile
8 October 2022
10:00 – 19:00
The exhibition of the works at the Museum of Contemporary Art "MUG2" in the city of Massa, sees 41 participating artists

Art Language and Culture Association APS
Founded in Florence in 1976 - tax code 94015170486
registered in the Regional Register of APS - Metropolitan City of Florence section B n ° 994

registered office: Corso Tintori 6 - 50122 Florence
secondary office: via Porta Parma 30 - 54027 Pontremoli
tel +39 3339344636 –– -

This 18th edition of the Artist's Book shows us how much artists are attentive to the events that surround us, with a unique sensitivity and creativity even if the artists belong to different geographical cultures.
The artist's book, born in the Futurist period, today identifies itself with social messages expressed through art from various parts of the world
41 Artists from road parts of Italy, Japan, Argentina, United States, Canada, Uruguay who in the "dark" years of the pandemic, isolated and in contact only through mobile phones and social networks, did not stop: they continued to produce Books of 'Artist that Studio Giambo has immortalized in videos published on Youtube and on the WWW website: studio, in order to be viewed by the general public interested in the subject.
Now, in the year 2022, we can finally expose our latest works to the public, thanks to the Municipality of Pontremoli and the MG2 (Museum of Contemporary Art of Massa) with the patronage of the host Municipalities and the Province of Massa, who supported our project. and made it possible to carry out exhibitions with the presence of the public
A big thank you to the Region of Tuscany and the Regional Council of Tuscany who made it possible to print the catalog.
Silvia Fossati
President of Studio Giambo, APS Association,

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Massa, Via Ghirlanda, 54100, Massa, MS, Italy
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