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Progetto grafico a cura di Agostino Rampino e Francesco Peluso
8 October 2022
10:00 – 23:00
The Civic Museum will be open from 10 AM to midday and from 3 PM to 11 PM

On the occasion of the 18th Contemporary Day, Pro Loco "LA FONTE" proposes a special program that will begin to take shape on October 4, 2022 and will end on October 8, 2022 with a bipersonal of the artists Agostino Rampino and Francesco Peluso and a post-opening musical session by Tommaso Nudo, curated by Graziella Portia.

The theme chosen for this 18th edition is ecology and sustainability, issues that have always been very dear to the Pro Loco La Fonte as shown by past events, which this year has chosen to actively participate in this initiative with its own ecological project-artistic-musical entitled "in the making".

The project will be introduced by the "Ecological Walk" of October 1, 2022 involving Classes II and III media of the Comprehensive Institute "L. Di Prisco" of Fontanarosa. Initially, the students will participate in a talk on the theme of ecology and a meeting with artists and, soon after, will begin a path that involves the collection of waste that, for some time, pollute our territory and our environment.

And what can happen if, with the waste collected, young people have the opportunity to collaborate and confront young artists?

This is where Art comes in.

October 5 and 6, two days in which the artists, in collaboration with the students of III Media, elaborate a collective work in which to channel the instances emerged in the first phase.

The artistic production, which will take place at the Civic Museum of Fontanarosa (AV), will be open doors to become a time when curious, art lovers, experts in the field and not only They will be able to follow the progress of the work and will have an opportunity for discussion and dialogue with the artists.

At the end of the production, the works will be set up inside the Museum where they will be inaugurated on October 8, the date of the 18th Contemporary Day.

The post opening, collateral event to the exhibition, follows the theme of the day.
Ambient techno, deep techno, hypnotic techno music session, focused on creating textures and soundscapes in which the listener can immerse themselves and let go. Sounds of nature, voices, entire environments, synthesis man-nature, are intertwined on high-pitched rhythms on which hypnoitic rhythms and dreamlike sounds are structured.

During the Day of Contemporary Art it will be possible to visit, free of charge, the Civic Museum where the various elements of the "CARRO" are exhibited, as well as a vast collection of sculptures by prestigious contemporary, national and international artists.

The detailed programme is available on the website

Museo Civico di Fontanarosa (AV)
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Via Pezza Mastrillo , 83040, Fontanarosa, Avellino, Italy
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