Hopeful Monsters
Ale Guzzetti
8 October 2022
10:00 – 19:00

"Sguardi diversi - Arte e scienza tra passato e futuro" is a project promoted by the City of Saronno in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts that, taking its cue from the staging of a solo exhibition by sculptor Ale Guzzetti, aims to broaden the discourse of contemporary art by integrating it with other scientific and cultural fields: neuroaesthetics, sociology, anthropology, musicology, robotics, and artificial intelligence.
Indeed, Ale Guzzetti's technological and interactive art and his most recent research oriented toward robotics and the creation of technological sculptures that interact with the viewer and the surrounding environment lend themselves well to open a debate on artificial intelligence and its ethical, social, and cultural implications.

Galleria Il Chiostro
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Viale santuario, 11, 21047, Saronno, Va
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