SSSST... is a festival of workshops and participatory performance practices located at Prati di Caprara, Bologna. Curated by EXIT (Lucia Fontanelli, Olivia Teglia).
8 October 2022
09:30 – 18:00
EXIT is an independent visual and performance art festival born in 2017. Our research starts from an interest in the evocative and emotional qualities of space. EXIT was created to break out of traditional art venues and question the perception of intimate relationships between domestic and public space through the prismatic light of art, opening a gateway to an everyday "other." The festival becomes the container in which to develop this practice by cultivating collaborations and creating dynamic exhibition routes through the city. EXIT is a constellation. The project was born from the collaboration between Lucia Fontanelli and Olivia Teglia. Today, EXIT is part of ASAP APS, a newly formed association based in Bologna, the outcome of the shared planning of a group of eight artists, actors and architects with the aim of promoting and realizing artistic events in the field of performing arts and public space. In 2022, EXIT reaches its fourth edition. The festival this year is titled SSSST... and is a series of workshops, performances, talks, an exhibition and a publication around the Prati di Caprara in Bologna, in multiple dates from Sept. 24 to Oct. 31. The artists invited to the 4th edition, SSSST... are: Enrico Malatesta, Bianca Zueneli, Gaia Ginevra Giorgi, Hardchitepture, Luca Conte, Marco Augusto Basso. SSSST... is organized in collaboration with Comitato Rigenerazione NO Speculazione and Adiacenze aps, and with the co-production of Alchemilla aps for the work of artist Bianca Zueneli. In addition, the festival features the participation of: Ginevra Pierucci (doctoral student in Historical, Geographical, Anthropological Studies at the University of Padua and Ca' Foscari University Venice), Matteo Bronzi and Caterina Ciarleglio (editorial editors of Contronaturae, Derive Approdi, 2022, and members of the Spazi* di Contaminazione collective), Camilla Sanguinetti (Associazione Alchemilla, Bologna), Luisa Bravo (Museo Spazio Pubblico, Bologna), Gino Gianuizzi (independent curator, researcher in the field of Public Art and founder of the historic Galleria Neon), Anna Marrocco (researcher and activist, representative of the Roma Non Esiste collective).

SSSST... is a festival of workshops and participatory performance practices curated by EXIT (Lucia Fontanelli, Olivia Teglia) and located at Prati di Caprara, a residual space located in one of the most polluted areas in the city of Bologna. The artists involved propose a one-day workshop as a moment of sharing a practice inherent to their artistic research, in dialogue with the context.

The proposal to locate these practices at Prati di Caprara is a way to review the urban forest as an open, participatory, heterogeneous and traversable infrastructure as such. This place, with a porous character and permeable to the surrounding socio-urban context, has developed its own identity in space and time. The woods, with its 27 hectares and at least 40 years of natural and spontaneous evolution, represents a green infrastructure and a forest ecosystem that is increasingly significant in the short and long term for the urban and suburban area of Bologna: it is a Natural Capital essential for the health of citizens and for the adaptation policies of urban areas to climate change.

The "friche" named by Gilles Clément in the Manifesto of the Third Landscape, as waste, represents a sacred space of unproductivity that lets the city breathe and marks time differently, inviting slowness. It thus relates natural space and performance, as an act of ephemeral and wild creation, to reflect on contemporary artistic practices that make the sharing of an aesthetic experience a point of unregulated encounter and exchange, and that generate free spaces for the creation of anti-academic knowledge.

The following workshops are organized on Saturday, October 8, 2022: from 9:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. Trace Eaters by Hardchitepture collective, which, starting with an act of caring for the urban forest of Prati di Caprara Est, proposes a day of garbage collection to clean up the area of abandoned waste, while selecting material for the temporary installation of an environmental installation.
From noon to 4 p.m. Prati-Ca with Marco Augusto Basso, sculptor and performer, consists of a series of practices intended to amplify the perception of symbolic spaces in the landscape. Through a communal and individual exploration, workshop participants will be prompted to let their impressions of the place transport them and share them to others.
Finally, from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. Chimæra with Luca Conte, sculptor and gastronome, is proposed as a sensory exploration to stimulate a nomadic and relational sensibility and consists of a subjective mapping activity of the woods starting from the observation and drawing of the flora.
For info and registration send an email with the subject line: "registration + workshop title" to

Prati di Caprara
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Prati di Caprara, 40133, BOLOGNA, BOLOGNA, Italy
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