A long route
Works on display and in video projection
Mavi Ferrando, "Trasgressione 31" 2014 foto Mavi Ferrando
8 October 2022
16:00 – 19:00

Video projection of sculptures and works in wood, iron and recycled materials presented in a temporal succession / transformation starting from the 1970s. Landscape and nature are often equal protagonists with the photographed works.
Eleonora Fiorani wrote: "Silent landscapes and mysterious correspondences, this is how Mavi Ferrando's photographic works appear to me for their being universes inscribed in time and in the moment of vision and gaze of correspondences between aquatic surfaces, grassy expanses and architectural linearity. These landscapes are part of her totemic sculptures that appear to me as archaic creatures and contemporary guardians in contrast or in dialogue with her landscapes of silence, teeming with visible and invisible plant and animal life and the musicality that accompanies them.
Her totemic and liberty sculptures carved in wood for their being light as the leaves of which they have the grace and poetry fit perfectly into the landscape as if they had always inhabited it. Their smooth lightness and their flexibility, the soft curves, the play of solids and voids make them alienating creatures, characters of an imaginary world in which poetry and playful dimension meet. " ...

Mavi Ferrando
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Viale bligny 42 c/o quintocortile, 20136, Milano, Milano, Italy
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