Vasco Ascolini, Antonio Buonocore, Silvia Castellaro, Lisa Ci, Ramon Manchovas, Chiara Mazzeri: six ways of seeing and feeling
Vasco Ascolini, Antonio Buonocore, Silvia Castellaro, Lisa Ci, Ramon Manchovas, Chiara Mazzeri, "Iconostasi" anno 2022 foto degli autori
8 October 2022
16:00 – 19:00

We need to be modern, it has been said, and to do that we need to feel the deepest flow of our time, to sense its directions, to understand the possible landings, and, for the artists, to define congruent forms and ways of expression.
ICONOSTASIS, in the furious overlap of retinal images - oh mon cher Marcel - we subtract from the shapeless waterfall of pseudo-expressive chaos; six authors, each one with nineteen images, bring order to a fragment of their own internal burden and turn it into a symbol, and into symbols.
The shape is inspired by the one created by Le Corbusier in his work “Le poème de l’angle droit”. On the contrary, the expressions of the artists remain entirely separated. This is not a case of post-modern citationism, but rather a way of declaring the symbolic value of a research in the rational expressive thread within the irrational tangle of the inner self.
This is a sort of introspection that aspires to identify, through ourselves, a general and abstract method to analyse an objective context.
An ICONOSTASIS is composed of images, colours, and words combined (as Le Corbusier did, with different ends) in a symbolic way to suggest the aspiration for knowledge and understanding.
A composition such as this also represents the necessity to steer each life, starting from our own, towards a search for HARMONY (l’angle droit), as well as the ecology, which deals with the mutual dependence between humankind and environment, will ultimately affirm the HARMONY between its own ecosystems and biodiversities.

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Viale bligny 42, 20136, Milano, Milano
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