Valerio Ambiveri. "8462_s_misurati"
Valerio Ambiveri. M.2. 2021
8 October 2022
10:00 – 19:00

Visit to the Valerio Ambiveri exhibition curated by Roberto Consolandi at the Asilo dei Creativi space in Meano (BS), 14 large-format drawings on display.
Roberto Consolandi writes: "Valerio Ambiveri discovers his own physical faculties and those of others, of the naked man and woman, that is the harmony between the parts of the bodies, the canon, the measure, the number, the weighting, the balance, chiasmus, perfection through a re-examination of reality, with models scrupulously filtered from life with the camera. Man tailored to all things - in this case the dogma of anthropocentrism, in which the universe is was created for man and his needs -, it seems to be fully overturned even spiritually, as an example of pure classicism. The representative manifestation, the epiphanic act of myth or nymphs, to the point of marking the dies natalis, the day of birth , in Ambiveri they have nothing to do with illustration.
The pleasure of drawing the corporeality, sensuality and palpitating skin of the bodies provides for a knowledge of the materiality of the support, of the sheet that welcomes the line, the texturization of the background and modifies the geometrical perception of chiaroscuro and plastic between the tonal and chromatic passages. between light and shadows. The roll of paper is like a curtain that could be stretched horizontally or vertically on any surface, in any open or closed space, to the point of eliding its coordinates and going beyond the limit of proportions, of perspective, as the boundless shapes, out of scale, they have no point on the horizon. Drawings need continuous visual verification from near and far. The look, the eye is forced to follow the stroke and the lines, and model and transform them into movement and recreate the original outline of the hand which in the golden eurythmy, in the grace and lightness, in the purity of the gesture reaches the essence, the seduction of beauty.

Asilo dei Creativi
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Piazza statuto,4, 25030, Meano/corzano, Bs, Italy
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