Fluxus 1962-2022. Sixty Years in Flux a cura di Caterina Gualco, Leo Lecci e Francesca Serrati
Fluxus turns 60! Genova celebrates this anniversary with an event that celebrates the importance of the birth of the movement
Courtesy: Museo di Villa Croce, 2022
8 October 2022
12:00 – 19:00

Genoa celebrates this anniversary with a manifestation that brings out the importance and inexhaustible vitality of one of the most important avant-gardes born in the second half of the twentieth century. This homage uses multiple initiatives to reveal a fundamental characteristic common to artists of different nationalities: aspiring to overcome the traditional division of aesthetic fields by means of a fusion of the various languages in order to permit artworkers immerse themselves in the "flux" of daily life with maximum expressive liberty.

Comune di Genova - Museo di Arte contemporanea di Villa Croce
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Via iacopo ruffini, 3, 16128, Genova, Ge, Italy
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