Prima foto: Achille Perilli, Fobico, 2000 Seconda foto: Carla Accardi, Rosa Verde, 1990 Terza foto (in alto): Flavio TIberio Petricca, Senza titolo, 20016 Quarta foto (al centro): Vito Bongiorno, Fra 3000 anni, 2020 Quinta foto: Antonio Corpora, Viaggio in Francia, 1996
8 October 2022
10:30 – 19:30

What identifies a work of art?

Various contemporary artists have focused on this same question, developing their own personal research, starting from specific principles: on the one hand the substance, or what a work is composed of or how the concrete takes space, from another is the act, the way in which the color is given or how to transfer ourselves into a sign.

Retracing the steps of those who have investigated these elements, we propose our new exhibition entitled "Substance& Act". It is a real journey to discover the world of physicality and the sign, principles that manage to unite different artists such as Jannis Kounellis, Numero Cromatico, Carla Accardi, Vito Bongiorno.

On display works by Flavio Tiberio Petricca and Piero Gilardi, great experimenters of matter and investigators of reality, but also Antonio Corpora and Omar Galliani, elegant investigators of gesture and technique, and others.

Galleria Fidia
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Via angelo brunetti 49, 00186, Roma, Roma, Italy
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