EXXISTERE- Life of an artist
Personal exhibition of Silvio Monti
Opera di : Silvio Monti , Titolo: Sineddoche, Fotografo: Gigi Soldano
8 October 2022
10:30 – 12:00
Round Table with guided tour with the artist in the exhibition

The Civic Museum of Modern and Contemporary of Masnago Castle proposes some events connected with Silvio Monti's exhibition 'Exxistere' from 1 October to 13 November 2022, as the artist's works are fully part of the Italian contemporary art debate.
The exhibition offers a wide overview of his last twenty years of production, unfolded in a chronological-thematic excursus, which recreates the themes dear to him: faces, media, calligraphy, the unconscious and the archetypes.
As it is evident, Monti assigns an active role in the investigation of the ultimate meaning of things to art. Following paths that start with the issue of why the world is as it is, he initiates other questions: who creates reality? How do we contribute to the process of changing it through our decisions? By asking these questions, he reveals himself as a humble translator of the spirit of the age, joining the ranks of contemporary artists who, since the Second World War, ask themselves what art is, without abandoning drawing, painting or sculpture

Castello di Masnago - Museo di Arte Moderna e Contemporanea
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Via cola di rienzo 42, parcheggio via monguelfo, 21100, Varese, Va, Italy
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