polyhedral universes
From the particular to the universal.
Maria Teresa Mazzei - "Universi poliedrici" - serie "La geometria dell'universo" - anno 2022 - copyright, proprietà intellettuale e diritti d'autore esclusivi dell'artista partecipante che autorizza la diffusione e la pubblicazione per questo concorso.
8 October 2022
10:00 – 17:00

The event will take place on Saturday 8 October at my home / laboratory. Here it will be exhibited which I will be happy to talk to those who want to know more about my "polyhedral universes".

Polyhedral UNIVERSES

In the re-emerged ordered multiplicity
from chaos, the perfect form: the universe and its laws of space / time, connected to the supreme force,
in the dimension of the whole. The particular becomes universal, in the specificity of being part of a plural system, the common denominator of the Sublime essence according to the divine plan. The human feel,
in the multifaceted nature, it elevates his verses in a choral song, universally shared.
MT Mazzei, 2022

Maria Teresa Mazzei
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Via rivabella,59, 87064, Corigliano/rossano, Cosenza
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