I have a dream
Peace is not a loop
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8 October 2022
09:00 – 23:50
Proiezione virtuale loop in streaming

A child who pursues peace.
This loop is part of a wider videmomapping project, always on the theme of peace.
The archetype of the family (father, mother, little son) that suffers the sufferings of war. Each element of the family represents a symbol, with which the public empathizes and identifies with.
The first, the son, is the metaphor of the man who seeks to achieve peace but is not yet ready to do so. The second, the veiled woman, represents female emancipation, which when it seems that it has reached important goals finds itself having to face the same problems in other parts of the world. The last component is the father, who depicts the absurdity of war, in which the executioner still becomes a victim of himself.

The three figures are represented in black silhouettes on a background that slowly changing color includes all the colors of the iris. As the most ancient chromotherapy practices teach, the viewer is drawn into intense and always different chromatic sensations. Each loop is replicated three times, after which we move on to the other.

Loop_01: The child: The silhouette of a child who takes his first steps, tries to grab the dove of peace, but fails because he is still too fragile and awkward to do so.

Loop_02: The mother: A woman walks covered by the Burqa, which flakes off at every step, losing veils. The woman, step by step, undresses more and more leaving the pieces of cloth behind her. After walking around the room, the woman is almost completely naked and free from veils, but she finds herself in front of the fallen pieces and begins to collect them. The woman puts on her old veils again, letting others fall behind her. The loop thus continues indefinitely.

Loop_03: The father: Static loop. A man in silhouette in military uniform is lying on the ground. He gets up with the rifle in hand, takes aim at something far away and fires: the bullets, in slow motion, go around the room and hit him from behind, killing him and making him fall to the ground. The loop starts over.

Carolina Ielardi
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