Porto&Riporto - Book Traffic Area - Reading room for the promotion of reading
Free exchange of used books for the promotion of reading
archivio Extroart Ludovico Gippetto
8 October 2022
09:00 – 23:00
all participants who bring two used books will receive a new book of their choice for free

Reading room
Meetings for the promotion of reading and the exchange of used books

It is an event designed to stimulate cultural tourism and make Palermo a center of attraction and gravitation especially for young readers and scholars who are perpetually traveling among European cities rich in stimuli and cultural news.

In fact, giving life to the Reading Room in Palermo would mean not only establishing an initiative of significant cultural value, aimed at enhancing the world of books and the importance of reading, but above all creating a moment of exchange between our city and others. cultural centers and subjects that for years have turned their attention to the panorama, and to the state, of national and international literature. The success of similar events, already widely tested, in other areas of Italy, from Mantua to Turin to Naples, demonstrate the interest that gravitates around the world of literary publications. An interest that does not involve only a small circle of intellectuals or professionals, such as operators in the publishing sector or university professors: masses of young people visit the salons organized in the aforementioned Italian cities every day, moving especially from Sicily and the other regions of the South too often, unfortunately, lacking such initiatives.
Furthermore, it should not be underestimated that Sicily, by virtue of its geographical position, can rightly be considered the driving force of a Mediterranean culture that is increasingly developing. This could mean, in practical terms, creating an observatory on the writing and development of literature in the countries of the Mediterranean regions within the event.

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