Resilience 2
Works of Art interacting with the surrounding nature send a message of resilence
Elisa Resegotti - NaturaOrdineDisordine
8 October 2022
10:00 – 12:00
Phone: 338 8479108

Il Giardino di Pianamola since the first edition of the GdC has presented the permanent collection including many artists and especially the outside installations by K.Bednarski,M. Casimiro, P. Babini, H-H. Koopmann and the living vegetal installations by the creator of the Garden, Elisa Resegotti.
Second edition of "Resilience" started in 2021 for the 17th GdC.
This year open also on Sunday on appointment only: 3388479108 and optional naturalistic visit of the Gardens.

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