Dove si nasconde la bellezza?
Come scoprire la vera bellezza
1) Copertina del libro di Vittorio Cei, anno 2022 2)Foto realizzata dalle alunne classe IV A LICEO ARTISTICO 3)Foto realizzata dalle alunne classe V A LICEO ARTISTICO
8 October 2022
10:00 – 11:00

Presentation of Vittorio Cei's book "Where does beauty hide?". The psychologist Benedetta Cei, expert in the psychology of beauty, and the writer Vittorio Cei will dialogue with the students to discover where true beauty hides. On the occasion of this meeting, class IV A will present a work with which he remembers the splendor of the ancestral remains of an ecosystem by now outraged; class V A will show a video made by the boys with which it is intended to honor the memory of Mahsa Amini and show solidarity with the entire Iranian female community.

Liceo Artistico
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Via conti ricci, 1, 66054, Vasto, Chieti
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