𝒞𝓁𝑜𝓃𝒾𝓃𝑔 @ Every Where. As no fact and no form resembles any other in everything, so neither is wholly different from the other.
Daniela Zannetti ( A.A)
8 October 2022
Oreste Casalini special guest photo courtesy of Ekaterina Pugach

Artists in transit
for the XVIII day of the Contemporary AMACI
Display Artists and Video performances 8 October 2022 h.18.00

Written project conceived and edited by Daniela Zannetti with Adele Cammarata · Ekaterina Pugach
with Paolo Asaro Adele Cammarata Caterina Ciuffetelli Giuliana Cobalchini Ekaterina Pugach Oreste Casalini Stefania Sabatino Jano Sicura Daniela Zannetti
Critical texts Daniela Zannetti and Adele Cammarata Barbara Augenti Francesca Colaluca
Sit Feel media partner
Cloning is a Linguistic and Aesthetic research, an experiment in Art and Video Performance related to the concept of Avatar, Clone and Artificial Intelligence. On the nature of the animate and inanimate, of the concrete and digital work.
It is the natural continuation of Abstracts such as Digital Imperfections Art underclothes, Artist's Fetishes, Life as an Avatar, Embodying Tiamat (Homing), Other Homonymie by curator Daniela Zannetti, and Adele Cammarata's The Return of Avatara.

CLONING is the strength of the virtual, the clone of oneself, or avatar, to be everywhere.
In a polymorphy of art, the artists arrange to have the works cloned through artificial intelligence programs, this around the video performances 'The return of the Avatara' - paradigm of double vision - and 'The extravagance' (Rafael Spregelburd Heptalogy of Hieronimus Bosch) conceived and interpreted by Adele Cammarata, emerging actress winner of Young Blood; next to 'Angeli' by Oreste Casalini, the double copy of 'clothes' by Angeli exhibited at Castello di Rivara in 2014 and 'Man from Gaeta' by Daniela Zannetti, feelings of loneliness and choral presence of art subjects (work acquired by the State Library of the National Monument of San Nilo).
The display, original works and artificial manipulation of: 'The First Tower of Babel' by Paolo Asaro on interconnections; 'Avatara Manifesto' by Adele Cammarata; 'CUT OUT ALONG THE DRAWN LINE' by Caterina Ciuffetelli: manipulation of matter and transformation of language; 'NEST. MAKE A JUMP by Giuliana Cobalchini: the interaction with the unknown and its internal and external facets; 'Senza Nome' by Ekaterina Pugach: balances of a double matter and essence - 'Angels' by Oreste Casalini: copies and casts of the soul; 'Ectoplasma' by Stefania Sabatino: reflections and bodies in fluid space; 'Gomitoli' by Jano Sicura: skein and dissolution of experiences, from the scribble to the iron work; 'The man from Gaeta' by Daniela Zannetti digital manipulations, the image is Art. Critical texts Cloning Daniela Zannetti journalist and Cultural producer, 'Avatar' Barbara Augenti Researcher of Aesthetics, 'Algorithm is art?' Francesca Colaluca Researcher of Language. 'The return of Adele Cammarata's Avatara'.

Online event
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