8 October 2022
16:30 – 19:30

PP21 is pleased to announce DUE CASE, an exhibition born from the desire to bring inside the outside by opening the doors of street number 21 in via Petrocchi to the exhibition of the works of Agnese Roviti, Matteo Bianchini, Elisa Garofani, Andrea Loi and Andrea De Liberato . In the spaces of the two residences the public will have the opportunity to get to know the works of the artists who, extricating themselves between rooms and corridors, propose a personal idea of ​​exhibition, using the apartment as an effective and engaging scenography. Focusing on personal works and the desire to generate a shared space
and collectively, the artists are concentrated on the creation of installations, specially designed to adapt to the shapes and sizes of the apartments.
The idea stems from a need shared by all the inhabitants of PP21: to host the public in a place that proves to be able to transform itself, and here the houses become, a space for experimentation and hospitality for the works of the five artists who inhabitant.
PP21 unveils a pleasant surprise to the public, namely being in front of the intercom of a building and not the windows of a gallery, discovering that what united these artists is the roof under which they reside.
Equally distributed in both houses are the paintings by Andrea De Liberato and Andrea Loi, the installations by Elisa Garofani and Matteo Bianchini, and the design objects designed and by Agnese Roviti, exhibited to generate fluidity in space and dialogue between different media. proposed.
You are all invited to discover the result of this experimentation that has found
a pleasant dynamic agreement under the same roof - both metaphorical and realistic - and PP21 promises to be a project in constant evolution, opening the doors to anyone who wants to deepen and understand the different proposals of the artists in an innovative way. Welcome a TWO CASE.

Via policarpo petrocchi 21, 20127, Milano, Milano
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