Full moon throbs
presentazione della nuova opera di Tobia Ravà e la visita al suo atelier
Amedeo Fontana fotografo
8 October 2022
18:30 – 20:00
Upcoming events scheduled as part of the La Cura exhibition in Mirano, at PaRDeS - Contemporary Art Research Laboratory, via Miranese 42, open until November 13, 2022. Hours from Wednesday to Sunday 16-19 by reservation. 13 October 6 pm The dialogue of care. Philosophical counseling in prison. Meeting with Anna Maria Corradini with the participation of Letizia Scarpa on the clarinet, Federico Covre on the cello and Sergio Lasaponara on the keyboard. October 23 at 4 pm opening of the exhibition Confini by Claudio Parise in the barchessina and at 5 pm Homage to Astor Piazzolla with Guido Cingano on the accordion and Irene Menato on the piano. Presentation by Renata Cibin

We are pleased to join the Giornata del Contemporaneo once again this year on Saturday 8 October 2022 promoted by AMACI thanks to the collaboration with MIBACT to put Italian contemporary art online, with the presentation of the new work by Tobia Ravà and the visit to the his atelier in Mirano at
PaRDeS - Contemporary Art Research Laboratory
via Miranese 42
Saturday 8 October 2022 at 6.30 pm
Also on this occasion there is total harmony with the theme of the Contemporary Day focused on environmental sustainability since the subject of the work is a large wood, like a breath of fresh air and a sort of great breath of nature, a vision of serenity and harmony much needed these days.
Tobia Ravà 1563 Full moon throbs, 2022. Acrylics and acrylic resins on canvas cm. 140 x 340
The painting aims to be a sum of the artist's knowledge related to the research carried out in recent years in that area between mathematics and ghematria, between science and Kabbalah that has distinguished both pictorial and three-dimensional sculptural and even digital work of the author.
Specifically, starting from a text constructed by equations between words of the same ghematric value or weight, a meadow and a perspective forest illuminated by the full moon develops pictorially, progressively from the bottom upwards, with the perspective horizon animated by a river and in the blue night sky some ivory clouds.
The path unfolds from the lowest chronological and biographical line then upwards starting from the words that have the same value as the three names in which the MOON is called in the biblical text. In fact, there is a poetic moon "Levanah" 87, an astronomical moon "Iareah" 218, and a geometric moon ... "Shar" 265, the tondo.
The following lines continue with a search among the most significant words from the spiritual mystical point of view and their connection with the most significant logical and mathematical paths: from divine names such as SHADDAY = 314 = omnipotent and PI GREEK, from EINSOPH = 207 = infinity, to the pantheistic correspondences between G-d and nature ELOIM = 86 = HATEVA = nature. To then move on to the five different values ​​of the soul, to the ghematrization of the Fibonacci sequence, to the conjectures on the sequence itself and on the theosophical numbers of prime numbers; to arrive at the square root of some words or phrases.
From the twenty-four theosophical values ​​(sum of the digits) of the numbers of the Fibonacci sequence reported in ascending or descending sequence, sometimes introducing a variant, the trunks of the trees are constructed. While everything that has to do with the meteorological world starts from the numerical paths derived from some basic spiritual elements of Kabbalistic mysticism or from prayers or phrases or more markedly from the numerical values ​​of the letters or short words linked to the four elements and to the their alchemical derivation.

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