TREES | Exhibition by 44flavours
8 October 2022
15:00 – 19:30

Represented in the form of sculptures, paintings, or recreated with the assembly of different materials, trees are the central theme of the exhibition by Julio Rölle and Sebastian Bagge (alias 44flavours) currently hosted at 121+ under the title "Trees". The works of the Berlin-based duo of artists and graphic designers result from different materials, styles, and colors.

"Our installations – however abstract formally they might have been at times – have often alluded to the idea of a forest. Our pictorial language combines an ongoing research into a variety of abstract and figurative forms, which interact with each other via composition and color palette. One of the figurative elements that has, over the years, become something of a recurring motif in our work is the tree. It has appeared as a part of our studies of our surroundings but as a purely fictional artistic device as well. With this exhibition, we would like to work with trees as our key theme/narrative, and with that finally bring them to the foreground. In a sense, we would like to thank them for their ongoing companionship.”

4 pm
75 min.
4-8 years

Think of the trees you’re familiar with: what do they look like? And how many different shapes and colors could a tree take on in your imagination? Let's have fun discovering it together, exploring "Trees", the exhibition by 44flavours, an exuberant duo of artists who transformed the 121+ bookshop into an unpredictable forest to walk through.

Participation is free.
Book your place by writing to

Libreria ExTemporanea 121+
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Via savona 17/5, 20144, Milano, Milano
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