Cabaret Vienna
The Atelier Manassé photography studio
Curated by: Claudio Composti
Atelier Manassé, Vienna "La danza (Tänzerin)", 1931c., stampa vintage, IMAGNO Collection Christian Brandstätter Wien
16 March – 18 June 2023

The Mart is presenting an exhibition on Vienna in the 1920s – a great European capital in an era of profound social and cultural transformation. It was in this context that the Vienna Secession took hold, and its echoes profoundly affected all cultural disciplines, ranging from cinema to photography, and including advertising and magazines.

Entitled Cabaret Vienna, the exhibition on the Atelier Manassé explores and develops these subjects in five thematic sections. 120 photographs, film clips, documents, magazine covers and artists' books describe the worldly, glamorous atmosphere prevailing at the turn of the century.


Portraits of the stars of show business and cinema, visual calembours, nude images (used in both fashion and advertising) and exotically inspired photographs contributed to the emergence of modernity and extravagance.

Inextricably linked to the time and the place in which it developed, the Atelier Manassé's production showcased the “Roaring Twenties”. It was an innovative and remarkable period, especially for women who, in the name of a newly asserted sexual equality, also liberated themselves through gestures considered revolutionary


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