UGO COSSU. The forms of ethical thought
Saturday 7 October at 6.00 pm, the doors of the Crocetti Museum will open again to welcome the art of Ugo Cossu.
Ugo Cossu, Marcio potere sano volere
7 October 2023
Sat: 11:00 – 19:00
free entry

The creative itinerary conceived by Cossu manages to perfectly involve the observer in the interpenetration between the visions of the territory of origin and that of adoption: in the wide spectrum of themes and inspirations used, it is possible to imagine the future built on the foundations of the past.
At first glance, one is struck by a certain desire to suspend time, to exalt the iconicity, to crush the viewer's gaze on supra-historical surfaces, indicative of a thought aimed at listening to the territory of memory, of a mind aimed at conceiving as constituting the substance of the world. This is the main path followed by a secluded and rigorous artist like Ugo Cossu, Sardinian by birth and Roman by adoption.
The depth of his works bursts into space through the use of objects that express themselves in a close relationship with the supporting bodies, generating a concrete interaction between author, spectator, work and place. The ductility of the material, selected according to coherent and reasoned criteria, expresses and represents the freedom of thought and the originality of Cossu's journey: traits of us present in us that find form in the poets of art, not intended only as a direct take of a subject, but with the aim of expressing something that slides to the bottom of the essences and which becomes real reality, a vital and imperfect space of memory with which to concretely experience the past and the unfinished.

Museo Crocetti
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