7 October 2023
Sat: 08:00 – 23:59

Images to say yes to life, to be protected
Pina Inferrera's gaze has always been that of someone who investigates reality with the certainty of finding there a world worth observing closely to discover unexpected connections and poetry. From the research conducted in the 1980s, in which she dedicated herself to reflecting on the necessary coexistence between the natural world and the "rerum natura" created by Man, passing through a convinced and concrete promotion of the recycling of industrial materials in her works, the artist has landed in the early 2000s to the works of the "Natura Altera" series that express the perception of the spirituality inherent in the natural world, in the mystery of forms and colors that her artist's sensitivity and photographic technique are able to make visible.
Pina Inferrera moves toward a dimension focused on Nature, but with the clear awareness that only perceiving the intimate connection between Man and Nature, between their fragilities, is the way to keep them in balance with mutual respect and care.
And so the video FRAGILE WATERS.INFRANGIBLE EQUATIONS refers primarily to the intangibility of the fragile wonders inherent in Nature but also to the gracility of the balances that govern Man's relationship with Nature and the environment. The attention and technical finesse with which the artist delves into the natural microcosm and expands it to return it "macro" to the viewer, subjecting us to landscapes that seem to refer now to the abyss, now to the undergrowth, now to a laboratory slide, express precisely the delicate measure poised between research and invasiveness, experimentation and care, which is the very key to the difficult symmetry between Man and Environment, Science and Nature, and which is also repeated in the relationships between human beings. The delicate natural miniatures captured by the lens immediately lead to the precariousness of the environment in the hands of Man, and this seems to be the scruple of the artist, eager to deliver us "new" and ephemeral worlds-because they are not immediately visible-but at the same time respectful of the real and hidden datum she manages to capture.
The shots are pervaded by a silence that refers yes to underwater worlds and soft brushstrokes on which precious details of natural wonders stand out, but also to a deep respect.
Respect for the relationship between Man and Nature; respect aimed at recreating a harmony, albeit within fragility, made of care.
Care in the attempt to block images that are not taken for granted, in tracing in Nature, beyond what we see, all that we imagine, in a perfect synthesis of figurative and abstract, of biology and enchantment
Pina Inferrera's gaze is thus imbued with a deeply ethical feeling,
it refers to the need to go further, carefully and seriously, to find solutions to disequilibrium and cures to the suffering of Man and the EnvironmentExcerpted from the text by Paola Suardi for the catalog

Pina Inferrera
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